Crewel Decor Fabrics

Crewel decor fabrics add distinction to your home.

I was talking about textured upholstery fabrics just a few days ago. Among the many gorgeous types of textured upholstery and drapery fabrics available, crewel embroidery fabrics stand out.  OFS is has been updating its line of crewel upholstery fabrics.  We now carry many fabrics from the famous Pindler & Pindler fabric designers.

Pinder & Pinder Bandar Lilac features wool embroidery on a background of fine linen.

These lovely fabrics must be seen to be believed.  They will make  a striking statement  in your home no matter how they are used.  Pindler & Pindler is a family-owned operation based in Los Angeles which has been in business since 1946.  Their products are prized by interior designers and the firm has been serving the  fabric needs of Hollywood studios for decades.

Pindler & Pindler’s line of crewel embroidery fabrics are crafted of the fine wool yarn on a linen or top-quality cotton base, depending on the design.  Yes, they are a bit pricey, but when you want the best, think Pindler & Pindler.

Bloom Garden Green Velvet Crewel features wool embroidery against a cotton velvet.
Hand-embroidered fabrics from artisans in Kashmire are another option. Most of them are a 100% cotton and so these high-quality fabrics are somewhat less expensive than Pindler & Pindler’s crewel embroidery decor fabrics.  This collection of beautiful fabrics comes in a variety of designs and colors and gives you another opportunity to add exotic color and style to your home.If you are considering any of these wonderful fabrics, but would like to see them before ordering samples are available.  Sample sizes and prices vary depending on the fabric. Scroll to the bottom of the individual product page for prices and more details.