125" Unbleached Muslin Fabric

125" Unbleached Muslin Fabric

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  • Content: 100% Cotton
  • Width: 125"
  • Thread Count: 68 x 68
  • Weight: 3.6 Oz

This all-cotton Unbleached Muslin fabric is a quality, inexpensive muslin with a wide variety of uses. Its fine weave and soft drape make it ideal in sewing patterns and garment mockups. With its 125 inch width, it is well suited to larger scale projects, including set design and photographic backdrops. Paintable, inexpensive, and strong, this 125" Unbleached Muslin can be used as a lining for curtains and upholstery, in craft projects and in quilts. Few fabrics are as useful, practical, and versatile as this well-made unbleached cotton muslin fabric.

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Margaret J on Dec 10, 2018
size and price
Terry M on Nov 5, 2018
Margaret J on Dec 10, 2018
Our technical theater director likes to have this material around. He uses it often to create textured set pieces.
Dana H on Nov 17, 2018
size and price
Terry M on Nov 5, 2018
seemed to be the best material to use for slip cover also was recommend when I called for advise of which to use
Judy K on Oct 22, 2018
I need to make a room separation, very wide and very light weight. this fabric is the ideal product. Thank you!
VIOLETTE M on Oct 21, 2018
the best for quilt backing
Bernetta P on Aug 18, 2018
It will be an excellent backdrop to an art event!
Susan S on Aug 18, 2018
Drape over covers on straw bales for fall wedding
Robbin N on Aug 17, 2018
It is the proper size for my project.
Anne B on Aug 10, 2018
Theatrical Set Dressing
Crysta S on Aug 10, 2018
Quilt backing
Barbara D on Aug 4, 2018
I use this for Belly binding and we are using it for a custom Tee Pee for a wedding
CHRISTINE G on Jul 1, 2018
For making a pattern of a dress to adjust to fit correctly.
Lynn H on Jun 8, 2018
Width and price
Ronnie K on Jun 4, 2018
to cover cutting tables
HEATHER H on May 21, 2018
I purchased this because I just finished making a king size quilt top and wanted the maaterial to be one piece to make it a solid piece for the backing.
Ruth O on May 4, 2018
For lining drapes
Laura H on May 1, 2018
Using for Greenhouse shade cloth
Basira K on Apr 25, 2018
the width and the thread count
Helen S on Mar 27, 2018
using to line window curtains
Maggie W on Mar 21, 2018
great for quilt backings
Marie L on Mar 19, 2018
for backing my fiberarts work
Phillippa L on Feb 11, 2018
Price and the fabric is so wide it will make things easier for us.
Wendy I on Jan 22, 2018
I bought this fabric to use as a shadow theatre scrim.
Renee N on Dec 13, 2017
I need wide fabric to line garage walls
Melissa F on Nov 27, 2017
I use this size for lining larger drapes for my home.
Deborah L on Oct 23, 2017
For quilting/ curtain making
Marlene M on Oct 23, 2017
Cyanotype processing
Teagan W on Oct 22, 2017
Looking for a backdrop fabric, this looks paintable.
jolyn r on Oct 17, 2017
I'm using this fabric to line my living room curtains.
Elaine K on Oct 17, 2017
I chose this fabric for making drapes for my guest room window. I am going to use a burlap band / gimp down the leading edge on them. I think it's going to look great!!
LISA G on Oct 16, 2017
Theater use.
Harold M on Oct 13, 2017
Need to try the weight to see if it is appropriate for broad spectrum of garment mockups and fittings.
Abike D on Aug 30, 2017
To make curtains and quilt covers
Chana S on Aug 30, 2017
because of the width of the muslin
Marcie C on Aug 14, 2017
Using it as a wall covering in my booth at an antique store. Hopefully the 125" width will allow me to put it up without seams.
Althea L on Jul 26, 2017
I want this fabric to dye myself and use as the back of full size quilts and not have a seam in the back.
Eileen J on Jul 15, 2017
I will use it for the back drop of my product photos.
Erin H on Jun 30, 2017
Purchased this to make four panels to hang in the opening of a beautiful old barn.
Mary S on Jun 28, 2017
I use it as a big table cloth.
SOPHIE L on Jun 19, 2017
Making chair covers for my daughters Urban Rustic wedding. I've used Muslin for other projects in the past and I felt it would work great for our purpose this time.
JANET D on Jun 14, 2017
Our artist guild paints scenic backdrops on this fabric. This is the only source I have found that carries 125" stock. Our scenery measures 120" in height, so this stock offers a seamless image...the best!
GABRIEL CARNELL M on May 17, 2017
making a table cloth down to the floor
LIN F on May 11, 2017
Needed a large piece of fabric for a back drop at a good price. We will see how this works out.
MIKE E on May 9, 2017
To build flats for theatrical performances.
LELANE H on Apr 12, 2017
To make bags!
RANAE J on Apr 6, 2017
We need a lot of unbleached muslin to create a giant map/drop of Neverland for our upcoming production of Peter Pan.
TODD A on Feb 17, 2017
scenery construction
JOHN S on Jan 19, 2017
curtains for a wedding
STACEY H on Jan 12, 2017
I have a work area in the garage that i need to cover with a curtain like material.
MALINDA P on Dec 21, 2016
Our technical theater director likes to have this material around. He uses it often to create textured set pieces.
Dana H on Nov 17, 2018
seemed to be the best material to use for slip cover also was recommend when I called for advise of which to use
Judy K on Oct 22, 2018
I need a fabric to drape walls of a barn for a wedding. Is muslin sheer enough or do I need tulle?
A shopper on Jan 8, 2017
BEST ANSWER: This muslin is not sheer. Tulle would work, or try cotton scrim, which has a more natural look while still being sheer and drapable. It is a common draping fabric for barn weddings! We suggest ordering a sample to see if it would work for you.
Natural Cotton Scrim Fabric
Natural Cotton Scrim Fabric
White Cotton Scrim Fabric
White Cotton Scrim Fabric
Can I use unbleached muslin as a tablecloth for rustic wedding or is it too see through for covering white tables?
A shopper on Jun 27, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I think this muslin would be fine to use as a tablecloth. I made a very large drape out of this muslin to cover a black, painted wall. It was opaque and worked very well. I was very pleased and recommend it for this purpose.
Is this a good muslin for making pattern pieces or is there a better one?
A shopper on Apr 19, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this is great for pattern pieces, especially if you want a wide fabric.
Fabric closest to the antique crisp bed sheets of yesteryear?
A shopper on Dec 5, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The fabric is very thin. I used it to make valances for windows. I was expecting it to be heavier.
is this thick enough to not see through?
A shopper on Nov 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It is not transparent, but it is thin.
We use it for a scenic good. Upstage for lights to shine on it behind other scenery.
Would this unbleached muslin be good to use for pipe and drape to hide the wall of an event venue? I like the 125" because I want it to be 8-10 feet tall. Is it heavy enough to pillow/billow at the bottom when it hits the floor? Does it look cheap?
A shopper on Nov 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I don't think it looks cheap though it is not heavy fabric. It's rather really light. Also it might be slightly transparent depening on the lights
Could this be used for shabby chic curtains ?
A shopper on Nov 2, 2017
BEST ANSWER: They could, but without a lining they may not have enough drape. We recommend ordering a sample to be sure that it will work for your project.
Hello, and thanks in advance. :-)

Will the 125" Unbleached Muslin Fabric (Product ID: 8020) vastly, or completely, hide the off-white vinyl blackout shade material that I would cover for decorative purposes? The idea is to decorate and hide the vinyl.

If probably not, could you recommend a solid, off-white fabric that would have the density that would do so?

I would probably order a sample if you tell me it, or some other might, or probably would work.

John L on Jul 4, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this muslin should completely hide an off-white color behind it.
I am wanting to paint a forest backdrop. Will this muslin work to be painted as that? It will be on a stage for a back drop for Vacation Bible School.
A shopper on Jun 22, 2018
BEST ANSWER: We use this fabric for backdrops. It is thin, so you'll want to plan to prime it before you paint your design.
Hi, I have purchased from you before. Many years ago. I don't remember what i purchased. but, is the 125" muslin, the width, and the length, is whatever I need?
I am just trying to figure out the dimension of the material, on the bolt.
EXAMPLE. if i wanted 5 yards, that would be 15' X 125"?
A shopper on Jun 18, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, if you order 5 yards, the piece will be 15 feet long and 125 inches wide.
Do you think this would work as bed sheets? soft enough or too rough? Better after laundry?
A shopper on Dec 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It may be too rough, but it depends on your personal preferences. Laundering it does soften it somewhat. We recommend ordering a sample to be sure that it will work for your project.
Would this work to make into tea/dish towels? I had some unbleached organic Cotton fabric that I’ve been using but can’t find it anymore.
A shopper on Nov 20, 2017
I would like to make fashionable home painted and printed sarongs for family to wear (wrap around skirts) and in terms of dying and natural fall will muslin work and if which in particular? I would like something fine but with some weight.
A shopper on Nov 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Muslin is typically used for draping and rough drafts of clothing, so it may work. We recommend ordering samples of a few different fabrics to see which will work best for your needs.
I would like to create temporary "rooms" in a large 800 sq ft concrete basement using fabric to hang from structural steel ceiling beams 9 ft high. Thought this may be a cool way to group rooms of furniture temporarily. Office, den, dining . . etc. will this work? I may want to paint on the fabric. If yes, which muslin do you recommend? Thanks!
A shopper on Sep 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: This would work. We recommend prewashing your fabric.
I am making some sound panels for therapy offices, bleached v unbleached?
And is the fabric smooth or a bit coarse (more sound absorbent)?
A shopper on Aug 21, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Bleached or unbleached won't make a difference in terms of sound dampening. You may want to consider a fabric that's a bit thicker as it will absorb the sound a bit better. Any of these would work:
I need a backdrop for my product shots that will be uploaded onto my website. I will hang it in front of my window for natural lighting. Will this be see through or enough thickness where it will look great in photos?
A shopper on Jul 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Muslin is popular for backdrops. It would be best used a a diffuser in this situation. Shooting into sunlight will give you a back-lit image which won't look too great.
I am wanting to dye either muslin material or 90 grade cheesecloth to make napkins for my wedding. Which material would work better for a very dainty/organic looking napkin?
A shopper on Jun 8, 2017
BEST ANSWER: We don't recommend using cheesecloth for napkins. Linen is popular, you won't go wrong with muslin or a cotton broadcloth! Just be sure to double check the content of the fabric in relation to the type of due you're using. Some dyes won't react with synthetic blends.
We live in nearly 100-year-old chestnut log cabin, with exposed ceiling beams I'd like to cover/drape to billow (the width 125" in why I am interested in muslin). Would this work?
A shopper on May 6, 2017
BEST ANSWER: We don't see why not. You may want to consider a more sheer fabric like chiffon.
Can the 125" unbleached muslin be used for a picnic table cloth? Does unbleached muslin take dye well or should we use bleached muslin?
A shopper on May 3, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it can be used for a picnic tablecloth. Both the bleached and unbleached will take dye well. The natural color may result in slightly duller colors.
Could I use this to make a men's shirt? Like, an ordinary men's dress shirt for example?
A shopper on Apr 8, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Technically you could but it is not meant for that. This is for mock ups of clothing, theatrical flats, quilt backs, and period undergarments.
Would this work for covering theatrical flats?
A shopper on Mar 4, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Streching canvas will be better
Yes, you can use this.
How many yards in bolt of muslin?
A shopper on Nov 28, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This particular muslin usually comes in bolts of 50 yards.
Can the 125" unbleached muslin fabric make a bed cover for a king size bed and pillow covers for a shabby chic look?
A shopper on Oct 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It is my opinion that it could be but just an FYI is that you can see thru it if it is a single layer. I 'd recommend that your pillows and duvet have no print or if they do line the fabric. If you are asking is 125" enough, I do believe that the dimensions of a king size duvet is 102x86. I'd love to see the results!
How many yards are on a bolt/ roll ?
Suzie S on Sep 29, 2018
What type of muslin should be used to cover or line a Wedding gown storage box?
A shopper on Aug 24, 2018


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worked well for a large quilt I completed
February 23, 2017
1 year ago
very good quality
very good quality after washing/drying for preshrinking - was easy to iron
May 24, 2018
7 months ago
Perfect and affordable
I love this unbleached Muslin, so easy to work with and so many uses. Would recommend and I will definitely be purchasing more!!
September 12, 2017
1 year ago
Used for important celebration
I purchased this fabric to make an authentic looking tent to celebrate The Bicentenary if the Birth of Baha’u’llah. It was easy to work with and draped beautifully! It’s also quite strong.
In the sun
In the shade
Top of the tent
June 28, 2018
1 year ago
lighter than expected
I will be keeping t his product and will use it for other purpose than i had planned. It is much light in weight than I exepect, and do not feel it is suitable to use for a slipcover.
November 11, 2018
1 month ago