2mm Black Nylon Double Lined Neoprene Sheet - SBR

2mm Black Nylon Double Lined Neoprene Sheet - SBR

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  • Product ID: SN51832-BLA
  • Content: 100% Nylon with Styrene Butadiene Rubber Core
  • Width: 51"
  • Length: 83"
  • Thickness: 0.0787"
  • Denier: 70 (Nylon)
  • Features: Double Lined, Black on Both Sides
  • Usage: SBR Neoprene is suitable for use in sports accessories & athletic braces & supports, elbow & knee pads, etc. Other uses include mouse pads, cases for electronics, cool-can holders, & more.
  • Please Note: Allow + or - 5% on all Dimensions.

2mm Black Nylon Double Lined SBR Neoprene is a 100% nylon material with a styrene butadiene rubber core surrounded by a sleek woven lining. Perfect for making cases and covers, mouse pads, straps, athletic braces and supports, or can holders and koozies, this multi purpose fabric is great when you need a waterproof material that will insulate and protect your project.

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