Book Review: S.E.W.—Sew Everything Workshop

If you want a book that teaches you to sew in a clear, fun manner, I definitely recommended S.E.W.—Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp. Included is a section on selecting a sewing machine and a chapter on learning about your machine. This is very helpful for beginners, since frequently one of the great frustrations in learning to sew is getting to understand the machine. In Chapter 2, Diana takes you through all the skills necessary for sewing perfect seams on your machine. Every step is very well-illustrated.

This fun book also includes 10 cool sewing projects with ready to cut out patterns. These aren’t your usual dull placemats and basic skirts, but practical garments like yoga pants, and a classic sleeveless dress. There is Unforgettable Elephant, a cute little pachyderm that is easy to sew. Each project helps you build your portfolio of sewing skills.