3 Tips for Choosing Home Décor Colors

Color is constantly infiltrating our minds. Just as certain smells do. You know, the smell of logs burning in a fireplace, freshly cut grass, dusty pages of an old book, or even the jumbled mass of air wafting through the streets of a city. Then there are sounds. Like hearing a familiar song that instantly takes you back somewhere, to a very specific moment in your life. Just as with what we hear and smell, we internalize the colors around us, whether consciously or not, and associate them with feelings or memories.

Of course, there are some generally accepted associations, such as yellow with happiness, vibrant reds and lively greens with energy, and colors like bright pinks, oranges and purples with playfulness. But at the end of the day, everyone has their own personal relationships with the millions of shades across the spectrum. That’s why selecting colors in and around your home matters. You live there. Why not surround yourselves with colors that add something for you?

This painting encompasses my long-time color crushes: blue and green.


K. Lawless


K. Lawless

These are actually just photos of a print that OFS Kate gave me, but I just love everything about the way she used and created each shade. In my own home (and now office, thanks to Kate!) I’ve incorporated these colors in various ways—walls, art prints, books, vases, throw pillows, etc. So here are just a few tips on how to use your favorite colors in a strategic, balanced way in your home.

  1. Follow the 60-30-10 rule. This common interior design principle recommends choosing a dominant color to use for about 60 percent of a room. This should be a color you can live with! Then use a complimentary, secondary color for another 30 percent. For the last 10 percent, choose an accent color—one that goes with the other colors well but that might be just a bit bolder.
  2. Play It Safe. I don’t mean across the board. But for bigger, more permanent aspects of a room such as a sectional sofa, choosing more neutral, timeless colors is a good idea. This way when it comes time to update the room with a fresh look you can do so by making new curtains and pillow covers with bold, on trend fabric, as opposed to repainting an entire room or replacing your furniture.


3. Don’t hold back. As contradictory as it sounds to my prior point, when you find colors that really speak to you, use them! Again, they don’t have to be on the 60 percent side, but reupholstering an ottoman or chair with a bright fabric, or dressing up a dining table with a colorful printed linen will go a long way in a space.


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