4 Unique Gift Wrap Ideas

We’re almost in June. Any wrapping fatigue you may have felt over the last holiday season six months ago has surely subsided by now, right? And that’s good because there are wedding, shower, birthday, graduation and father’s day gifts to be wrapped.  I say, take advantage of your gift wrapping energy and do something a little different. Make the entire package something special. Here are four ways you can do that this summer:

Use fabric instead of paper


These funky prints happen to be Portfolio fabrics, but you could use anything you want or make use of your scrap fabric stash.

Make it Shine


Tying up your gift with a fabric satin ribbon adds a touch of glam, but not in an over the top way. If you really want to impress, weave different colors around your package. If you need a guide, there’s a basic tutorial over at Martha Stewart’s site.

Mix Styles


Wrap your gift with a bold, modern fabric like these designed by Jonathan Adler. Then balance it out by using a more rustic ribbon or twine.

Personalize & Bag it Up


Use a sharpie and some stencils to personalize a jute bag or cotton tote to present your gift in. These bags are often cheaper than typical paper gift bags and your recipient will appreciate being able to reuse the bag over and over.

Happy gifting!

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