5 Facts About Joel Dewberry

Judging from the thousands of votes in the Fabric Face-Off final a few weeks ago, it’s pretty obvious you’re loving on Joel Dewberry at the moment. And it’s easy to see why. Each fabric line is stocked with vibrantly colored prints — a refreshing blend of classic and modern design.


But what about the guy behind the brand? What do we know about Joel, the designer? Well, I did a little poking around and found this statement: “Joel’s work is about the satisfaction derived from adding a personal touch to a project, a room, an event and embellishing life in a way that leaves your mark.” So far so good, right? Here are five more facts:

1. Both of Joel’s parents always encouraged his creative talent and passion. In fact, his mother was an artist, herself.

2. He studied at Brigham Young University in Utah, and launched his Joel Dewberry Eclectic Modern brand in 2007.

Photo Credit: JoelDewberry.com

Photo Credit: JoelDewberry.com

3. He’s the second oldest of seven siblings.

4. Speaking of kids, Joel’s a family man himself. He and his lovely wife Laurie have five children!

5. Joel sees Amy Butler as influential in the industry and someone who “paved the way for contemporary designers” like himself.

Want more? Check out our Joel Dewberry fabric selection, and visit his website and blog.