5 Home Decor Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Decorating or remodeling your home can be time consuming, and requires a lot of decision making.  Thanks to technology today, there are many home decor apps you can download to help you decide on colors, floor plans, measuring, and designing mood boards for inspiration.  Below are 5 home decor apps that will help you through the process of home decorating/remodeling.  Check them out!

iHandy Carpenter

*Free on iOS and Android


In this home decor app, there are 5 essential tools for measuring and positioning objects that will come in handy for any room.  This includes:

  • A bubble level bar
  • A plumb bob level
  • A surface level
  • A ruler
  • And a protractor


Photo Measures

*$6.99 on iOS and $4.99 on Android (both have free versions)


Take a photo of your room, space, or object, and add measurements where needed.  This app makes it easier to visualize the measurement.  No more jotting notes and measurements down when shopping!


Artfully Walls’ Try On Wall

*Free on iOS


This app will help you visualize how your wall art will look like, and how to position it for a nice, even layout.


Auto Desk Homestyler

*Free on iOS and Android

autodesk-homestyler-08-700x479Auto Desk Homestyler is a home decor app that allows you to place high quality images of light fixtures, and furniture on a photo of a room. This will help you organize, and plan out how you want the room to look.


Zillow Digs

*Free on iOS


Zillow Digs is an app that organizes all of your findings and inspirations for decorating and remodeling a room.  In this app you can upload and gather photos of rooms that you admire to help inspire your new space.  The coolest part is that it allows you to keep track of costs by plugging in an estimate on each photo.