5 Tips for Sewing With Chiffon

Ever watch Project Runway on Bravo? I guess that’s a silly question since it’s virtually impossible to avoid a show that runs weekend-long 24/7 marathons. But I believe it’s watching that series that first introduced the word “chiffon” to me in its fabric to fashion context. I can just hear Tim Gunn saying it (in that way he says things,) with arms crossed, as he politely stares down an over-embellished chiffon dress one of the contestants is scrambling to finish up.

So what is chiffon? It’s a colorful, light, almost see-through and silky material, often used for gowns, dresses, scarves and blouses. And I hear it’s no walk in the part sew with. For that reason, I wanted to offer up a few of the chiffon sewing tips I’ve been gathering  since this new, vibrant and luscious chiffon arrived here at OnlineFabricStore. To be clear, these tips are not from my own experience, of course. And they’re for anyone who may be looking to take on a new sewing skills challenge.  I on the other hand need to focus on finishing the basic cotton summer dress I started weeks ago!

1. Take it nice and slow! Chiffon will bunch up if it’s run too quickly through a sewing machine.
2. Put a piece of tissue paper between two chiffon layers to help hold the pieces in place as you sew. Then gently remove the paper once sewing line is complete.
3. Use a nice sharp, size 60/8 or 65/9 needle.
4. If you must use pins, use the thinnest you can find to avoid leaving pin holes.
5. Test small scraps before you sew. You’ll want to make sure your stitch length is correct both to avoid any stretching or bunching that will interfere with the pretty draping chiffon is capable of.


Thanks to The Dreamstress and Threads Magazine for the tips! Hope to put them to good use soon. Surprise, surprise, I’d like to make a scarf…Any tips to add? Share them below!