A Few Tips to Improve Your Sewing

Whether you are just beginning to learn to sew or have been sewing for many years, you want your work to be the best possible.  Here are some tips to improve your sewing skills, regardless of what level of skill you possess:

  1. Sew on as regular a basis as possible.  The more frequently we do anything, the better we are at it.
  2. Keep your supplies well organized, so that you can sew when you have a few minutes of time.
  3. If you are a beginner, start simple.  Choose a project you know you can complete.
  4. If you are more advanced, challenge yourself.  Take your sewing to the next level. Don’t worry about mistakes; we learn from our sewing mistakes and a few flaws make the project that much more unique.
  5. When making a garment, always take the wearer’s current measurements.
  6. If you are worried that  a pattern is too advanced for you to complete successfully, but you really love it, make it in an inexpensive material at first.  You can make another item with the  same pattern out of better material if the first one succeeds.
  7. Ask for help from friends that sew. Even those whose overall sewing skills are not as advanced as your own can often contribute new insights that you hadn’t thought about.
  8. Search the web for sewing videos if you are having trouble mastering a particular technique.
  9. Look up sewing terms on the OFS glossary or blog.