A History of Men and Quilting

Men and the Art of Quiltmaking by Joe Cunningham is a look at the history of men and the art of making quilts. Cunningham has been quilting for a living for over thirty years and has authored numerous books on making quilts. His book explores the historical connection between men and quilting. While quilting became a female hobby in the nineteenth century, Cunningham reveals that prior to that time professional quilting was actually done by men.

After giving a historical overview, Cunningham goes on to profile thirty contemporary male quilt artists. The book features examples of each man’s work and is well illustrated. The quilt artists also share the pattern or process for making ten different quilts.

Cunningham is a versatile talent. When he is not quilting or writing, he stars in his own one-man musical Joe the Quilter, a humorous musical on the history of men and quilting.