Quilting Glossary–A is for Album Quilt

My sewing glossary seems to be popular, so I thought I do a quilt glossary too. I am learning more about quilting as I go along.

Album Quilt: Album quilts were popular in the nineteenth century. Album quilts were generally made by a group; each person would design and make a quilt block and then sign it, so it was known whose work it was when it was incorporated into the quilt. Blocks were often designed with a special place for signing the quilter’s name.

Appliqué stitch: Appliqués are pieces of cloth cut into various shapes and sewn on onto a background fabric. While you can use a machine zig zag stitch to apply an appliqué to clothing and other items, most quilters prefer using one of several varieties of an appliqué stitch to sew appliqués to quilts. Appliqué stitches are nearly invisible on the surface of the fabric. It takes time and patience to perfect the technique, but it is worth the effort.

Amish patterns: The Amish are famous for their simple, but striking quilt patterns. In keeping with their simple lifestyle, Amish quilters use only solid color fabrics in their designs, but these are bright and cheery. Hearts and feathered designs are popular, as are squares.

Traditional wedding ring pattern in the process of being quilted. Notice the safety pins to hold the layers together.