A Part-time Sewing Business—Custom Pillows

Perhaps you’re retired, or a stay-at-home parent or caregiver and you love to sew. You would like to start a part-time sewing business, but you are wondering what products would sell well and be easy and cost effective to make.

Custom pillows are easy to make and your start-up costs need not be high. Beautiful fabrics combined with your sewing skills can lead to wonderful pillows that people will be eager to buy. Both drapery and upholstery fabrics can make wonderful pillows.

If you have a good sewing machine already, your start-up costs will be limited to fabric, thread, and pillow forms or stuffing . Antique stores and furniture resale stores which sell gently used furniture can be excellent places to begin selling your wares. Ask if you can display a few pillows on consignment and make up a flyer explaining that you take orders for custom pillows. You might also like to place your pillows for sale online at sites like Etsy.

Before investing in your materials make sure that you do have some venues ready to sell your pillows at. Sometimes individually owned beauty shops and other small business will put craft and home décor items on display for a small commission. Don’t be afraid to ask. Remember effective planning is the key to a successful part-time sewing business.