ABC’s of Decorating: “N” is for numbers

Have you noticed all the home decor accessories and fabrics that are featuring numbers and letters lately?  It seems to be everywhere from numbered canisters for your kitchen counters to toss pillows for your bedroom.  This is an easy and affordable trend that you can use in many areas of your home.

  • Cover a set of numbers in fabric of your choice to hang on a child’s bedroom or playroom wall.  Very cute and educational at the same time.
  • Embroider a favorite or meaningful number onto canvas, add some trim and you have a personalized and special pillow for someone in your life.
  • Stencil numbers onto glass jars to create a fun and graphic storage idea for your pantry.
  • One bold number on a lampshade is an unusual idea for any casual room.
  • A lap quilt featuring squares of numbers provides a cozy blanket to curl up in while watching Sesame Street and children can match the numbers to what they see on television.  Love this idea!!
  • A set of numbered pillows on the family room couch eliminates the fight over who gets what pillow during tv watching time.  The graphic pattern also adds a contemporary punch to the room.
  • There are small spheres and vase fillers of marbles with numbers painted on them.  These can be gathered and placed in a large bowl for an interesting conversation piece on the coffee table.
  • Add your favorite number to a gallery wall.  It will add interest to all the frames and photos you are displaying.

Many of these ideas are DIY projects that you and the family can do together.  It is a fun trend that does not take a lot of thought or money to implement into your decorating plans.