ABC’s of Decorating: “S” is for sparkle

Every woman needs a bit of sparkle in her life whether it is a large pair of diamond studs in her ears (I vote for this idea) or a bit of sparkle in her home from pretty mirrors, crystal chandeliers or sequined fabrics.  A touch of gold here, a bit of bling there and you have a home that will sparkle all year long.  Here are some ways to bring sparkle into your rooms.

  1. Gold accents are very popular once again.  A gold photo frame, brass lamp base, gold hardware, even something simple like a gold liner in your lampshade will add the midas touch to your home.
  2. A touch of crystal found in a chandelier, pulls on a dresser drawer, crystal candlesticks, or picture frames will add cool elegance to your rooms.
  3. Mirrors always add sparkle.  Group a collection of small mirrors above your fireplace instead of the expected large mirror.  Add a mirrored tray to your coffee table to reflect candles and prized collectibles.
  4. Pretty pillows that have been embellished with sequins and beads will add sparkle to your sofa and chairs.  Check these out from West elm or create your own look with beaded trim or craft sequins.

Brighten your day with a bit of sparkle in each room.