Add a little whimsy to your home decor

Sometimes interior design can be just a bit stuffy.  Or maybe you just need a touch of whimsy in your home that will make you smile every day. 

Whimsy can be something as simple as an accessory placed in an unexpected spot, a fun piece of fabric or something larger such as a wonderful piece of artwork or elaborately designed piece of furniture.  

Check out this bed from Attila design on etsy.  This is certainly the ultimate in whimsy but what fun!

And this colorful and whimsical chandelier (photo courtesy of House and Home) turns an ordinary bath into something special.

You can express your sense of whimsy through your artwork as shown in this room by Woodson & Rummerfield and courtesy of Decorpad.  They simply framed pieces of old wallpaper, added molding and created a unique and whimsical wall of art.  You could accomplish the same look with pieces of fabric, children’s drawings or simple pieces of colored construction paper.

Or in your choice of accesories such as these lamps, pillows and knick knacks or a little suprise like the “feet” on this bench courtesy of m studios.  How about that crazy lamp !?  Isn’t it time for some whimsy in your home?

little white mice add a touch of whimsy to a bookshelf (available at shop 57)