Amy Butler Laminated Fabrics

Amy Butler Paradise Garden Mint Laminated Cotton

Laminated cotton is cotton material which has been especially treated to water resistant.  This versatile fabric can be used for raincoats, tote bags, and umbrellas.  Online Fabric Store is proud to have recently added charming Amy Butler laminated cottons to our inventory.  These designer laminated cotton fabrics are ideal for projects which need a stylish waterproof fabric.

Amy Butler Trumpet Flowers Emerald Laminated Cotton

Laminated cotton needs somewhat different handling than ordinary cotton fabrics.  Keep in mind that it is less flexible than standard cotton fabric and does not lend itself to flowing fashions.  It also not heat-resistant and it can be marred by pin basting.

Amy Butler  suggests these tips when working with her laminated cottons:

Use a smooth-edge tracing wheel and wax-free tracing paper to transfer pattern marks to laminated fabric.

  • Do not use fusible interfacing on laminated fabric; the heat will permanently wrinkle your fabric.
  • Press laminated cotton on the wrong side only, using a cool setting.  Never touch the surface of the laminate with the iron.
  • Wrinkles can also be removed from laminated cotton by pinning flat and letting it rest awhile.  A hair dryer on low can be used to gently smooth out the wrinkles; do not touch the laminate with the dryer or get the dryer too close to the surface.
  • Use double edge basting tape to baste laminated cotton.
  • Place masking tape or blue painters tape on the bottom of the presser foot so that the fabric will feed through more smoothly.
  • Choose patterns which are not overly structured, since laminated fabric is somewhat stiff.
  • Slow slowly and use a longer stitch length than normal.

More tips can be found at Amy Butler’s site.

Amy Butler Gypsy Cobalt Laminated Cotton