An Imperfect Giveaway


Thank you to all who participated. Winners announced here.

Need I say it? No one’s perfect. I’m not even on the map. An example: Eleven years ago, my then fiance, (now husband of eight years) and I were gearing up to move to his home country of Sweden. For some reason I thought I’d surprise him with a gift, you know, let him know how excited I was to be going on such an adventure together. Since I knew he was a big Bruce Springsteen fan, I decided to really splurge over $300 on tickets to a concert. Ok so we were pretty poor at the time, but the gesture was fairly sweet, right? But the thing is, the concert tickets were for a Springsteen show, um, in Paris. A day after we were to arrive in Sweden.

According to Google maps it takes approximately 17 hours and 33 minutes to drive there. Where was Google maps when I clicked “buy” that night back in 2002? I apparently didn’t quite get that we couldn’t just pop down to Paris for a quick show or that staying a night or two would take time, planning and more money. I tried re-selling the tickets to no avail. That $300 was just gone as we set off to start our new life in Sweden. And poor Bruce was two seats shy of a full house in Paris. Nice, Abbey. Barely out of my teens. Naïve to the core (and apparently geographically challenged). IMPERFECT.

My point? Products can be imperfect too. And while OFS carries first quality products, sometimes imperfections slip in. But when we find them, we choose not to sell them. That was the case with these burlap sacks, which have little misprints and imperfections. So we’re giving them away! Three winners will receive three of these feed bags each AND a surprise bonus printed burlap bag.

-IMprefections 3

How do you enter? We want to continue to really get to know and grow our OFS community. And we have so many places to do that now on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. If you have accounts on any of these please click on the links above and follow/add us in the various ways you can. Then to enter leave us a comment below—you can share a funny imperfection story or any ideas you have on how you’d like to use the burlap bags if you win.  And feel free to include your blog link or to your social media profiles that you want us to follow you on.  We’ll pick a winner tomorrow at 4pm EST!