AQS Quilt Show and Contest in Des Moines October 3-6

Modern quilts incorporate a wide range of ethnic fabrics, such as the fabulous batiks in this quilt.


The American Quilter’s Society is dedicated to promoting the art of quilting and holds several shows annually.  A large show and contest is scheduled to be held in Des Moines, Iowa this coming October 3-6.

This promises to be a marvelous exhibit of the talents of people from around the world.  This year the AQS shows are featuring an exhibit of Japanese quilts.  Entitled “Japanese Color and Form: New Works by Fifty Japanese Artists” the exhibit showcases the modern flare quilt artists from Japan have blended with traditional Japanese quilting techniques.  Kokusai Art of Yokohama, Japan is curating this beautiful exhibit.

Japanese quilt techniques and designs have come to the forefront of the international quilting scene in recent years.  Many designs use traditional kimono fabrics or incorporate traditional Japanese motifs.  Some quilt artists have been inspired by the uchikake costume.

In addition to exhibits, the show will feature numerous classes and workshops for every skill level, from beginners to advanced quilters. Classes include such topics as quilting as you piece the quilt and free motion quilting.  Many classes will demonstrate how to make a specific quilt design.

Joel Dewberry’s fabrics are fabulous for quilting.

Quilting is wonderful art form.  I encourage those of you who can to check out the AQS show or a quilt show near you.  When it comes time to chose the fabrics for that new project, remember to check out the OFS Quilt ShopAmy Butler and Joel Dewberry are among the fabulous quilt fabrics carried by OFS.

Quilters love Dewberry’s designs.