Autumn Hues

In less than a month it will officially be fall. While fashion designers vary their favorite colors from year to year, as well as from season to season, hues such as brown, russet, orange, red, and plum are always fall favorites. These beautiful colors look splendid in both clothing and home décor.

Many shades of autumn, such as tan and brown, are considered traditional neutral colors.  They blend well with nearly any other shade that you enjoy.

Combine these neutrals with russets, reds, and oranges for a warm look that is full of life.

For a soothing mood, pair brown or tan with blues and greens and other cool, calming shades.  If you are looking for elegance, marry neutral hues with plums, purples, deep blues, and burgundy.

Gabardine is a practical fabric, now made out of easy to care for polyester.

All types of apparel fabric are available in autumn colors.  Practical, season-spanning gabardine makes great pants, skirts, and jackets.

Classic corduroy makes great fall garments for all age groups.

Fine wale corduroy is ideal for kids’ play clothes and can also look dressy. Elegant satin and peau de soie  make fabulous evening garments.

Velvet, velveteen, and velour provide both warmth and elegance for special occasions.

Elegant velvet from Fairvel.

Décor fabrics are available in lovely combinations of fall colors. If you opt for autumn colors for your home, don’t worry that they will look out place when the season changes.  A brown or russet floral pattern is a great, all-season pattern and other fall colors are also beautiful year-around.

Covington, Waverly, Premier, and other top manufacturers have a huge selection of décor fabrics in classic autumn shades.