Basic Sewing Supplies–Thread

The type of fabric you are sewing determines the type of thread you need. Fortunately, polyester or cotton-covered polyester thread is suitable for all fabrics; it should always be used on synthetic fabrics. Polyester or cotton-covered polyester thread comes in several thicknesses. All-purpose polyester or cotton-covered polyester thread is suitable for general sewing. Choose extra fine for lighter weight fabrics. Upholstery (extra-strong) thread is available for carpets, upholstery, and hand sewing extra heavy fabrics. Quilting thread is available in cotton covered polyester.

Other types of thread include: mercerized cotton thread, silk thread, nylon thread, elastic thread, and metallic thread. Mercerized cotton thread is used for fabrics which have little stretch, such as cotton broadcloths, batistes, and calicos. Transparent nylon thread is sometimes used on sturdy fabrics like canvas. Metallic thread is used for decorative stitching, and elastic thread is used in machine shirring.

Choosing the correct thread is easy. For most projects you will use all-purpose polyester or cotton-covered polyester thread. Match your fabric’s color or use one shade darker than the fabric.