Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Whether you live in a small apartment or your own house, there’s always one area of your home that feels unfinished, needs an update or a even full-on makeover, right? Well, over six months has passed since we moved into our first house and we’ve got several of those areas! But one we’re hoping to focus on sooner rather than later is our bedroom.

In the flurry of moving in with a baby and a toddler last summer, we decided to skip painting our own room, which is currently a mustardy yellow color, and opted to do the living room, kitchen and boys’ room first. We’re choosing a green/gray hue for the walls but are trying to decide what kind of fabrics, art and accent colors to incorporate to channel as many relaxation vibes as possible. Because when the entire family of four ends up in our queen-sized bed night after night, one needs a little zen. So I’m kind of obsessed with browsing bedroom ideas on Here are a few I’m into.