Black and White (and a bit in between) by Celerie Kemble


We talk about the use of black and white color schemes in interior design all the time, and with good reason.  A black and white color combination is classic, sophisticated, and pleasing to most people.  Celebrated interior designer, Celerie Kemble, knows this and wrote a book about it:  Black and White (and a bit in between). This book is laden with beautiful photographs and how-to’s to help you get it right.

In fact, the second chapter is all about getting it right.  One would think that the use of just two colors makes decorating pretty easy, but it’s not quite that simple.  You will discover that there are many different shades of white that change the look and feel of a room. Follow Celerie’s professional advice and you will be pleased with the outcome.

The book also discusses the importance of making your home personal and offers ways to find inspiration for your black and white decorating.  Just take a look around….shades of black and white, and contrasts, surround us every single day.  Once you train your eye to spot black and white combinations, you will be amazed at how often you see them.

Braemore Black and White Scrolls
Braemore Cartwheel Tuxedo

Black and white is also lovely when it comes to setting a table and entertaining – so there’s a section for that.  The book also has a very helpful chapter on black and white in the kitchen and bathroom.  Shiny surfaces, stainless appliances, and the desire for a clean look all lend themselves to this graphic color combination.

Waverly Essence Sun N Shade
Waverly Essence Sun N Shade in Onyx

Have you read this book?  If so, please let us know about your favorite part in the comments below.