Blue Fabric Print Mixing (Part 1)

When’s the last time you were like, “Man, I wish the sky wasn’t so blue today!” Never. The answer is never. Because blue is beautiful. And I guess that helps explain its full-force invasion into homes across the country at the moment. Navy in particular. I know I, for one, will continue to welcome it with open arms throughout 2014. Not because it’s trendy, but because there are so many pretty shades of it, endless fun accent colors that play nicely, and, again, it’s almost impossible to get sick of.

With this in mind, I’ve started to pull together a few different blue fabrics to help highlight all of the blue decor styles available to make a room, well, awesome.

So. For blue and beige rooms.


Blue 5

blue 4

For blue and grey rooms.

Blue 2

blue 3

Yeeeaah sorry, that’s it for Part 1! But stay tuned for more blue room color combinations in Part 2 (you can enter your email in the top right of your screen to get email updates!) And please leave a comment below if you have any blue color combo suggestions or if you have questions about any of the fabrics above. One more thing. Keep in mind, I am a writer, not an interior designer. Go easy on my combo selections!