Bold Burlap

Picture a completely clear, bright blue sky. Not that pale, pastely blue. The shade of blue so crisp that it almost looks solid. Or, think of the deep, dense purple of summer fresh, steamed beets. Like these, some colors, when they’re saturated enough in just the right tones, strike you. And it doesn’t matter what the object is. If the colors are rich enough and just right, they move you in some way. That’s what this little stack of burlap did for me.


While burlap has a welcoming, natural looking texture, it’s not exactly the sort of material you want to run your hands across again and again. But the unexpected vibrancy of this colored burlap kind of made me want to! Even Kate, who is not the biggest burlap fan in general admitted to its charm as we looked through the samples a few weeks ago. What does it do for you? Meh? Does it make you want to create and craft? Tell us! It’s new on OFS and we want to know what you think!