Bower Power Bench

Guys, meet Katie. If you don’t already know her and her beautiful little family from their blog Bower Power, head over and get acquainted.

So. Katie and her husband Jeremy recently did a really fun “Bower Power Build Off” competition where they each had an hour to use vintage, oversized thread spools to create something new. Once their projects were revealed, their readers voted on a favorite.

Katie created this awesome bench with the spools, and I am just loving its industrial, tribal vibe.

Photo Credit: Katie of

Photo Credit: Katie of

Now, I don’t know where Katie got that there fabric from but, if you’re wondering where you might be able to score some Premier Prints Jiri Nina Navy Birch action yourself…ahem.


Unfortunately, Katie’s bench didn’t end up winning the Bower Power Build Off–Jeremy’s lamps took that cake. But I gotta say I’m very much looking forward to another DIY match up from those two! Which would you have voted for?