Bridal Sewing Inspiration

If you are looking for design inspiration for a wedding gown or evening wear, you are sure to be delighted with Susan Khalje’s Bridal Couture: Fine Sewing Techniques for Wedding Gowns and Evening Wear. Ms. Khalje covers all the bases, from the making of a muslin pattern to constructing the actual gown. The making of four different, stunning gowns is show in a well illustrated section, but in my opinion the best thing about this book is Khalje’s portfolio of fashions.

I love the way she uses tulle in several of her wedding gown designs. From a charming tulle train sprinkled with daisies to an elaborate full tulle skirt, Khalje’s designs are wonderful. There is also a delightful pink Victoria evening gown.

Your local library may have Bridal Couture, since the book has been out for several years. Also have a peek at the preview on Amazon.