Choosing the Right Foam for your Project

Foam is available in several types. Special acoustic foam is ideal for theater and orchestra use. Standard high density upholstery foam is ideal for any indoor upholstery project. High density foam provides great support and yet can be soft and comfortable. Extra softness can be achieved by using upholstery batting on  top of foam.

Markertrap Acoustic Bass Trap is ideal for orchestra pits and theaters. It is also available in blue.

Medium density upholstery foam is appropriate for projects that will receive moderate use. It provides good support.

Marine/outdoor foam should be used for outdoor projects such as patio furniture and boat seating. It is especially designed to dry quickly and resist mold and mildew. EZ-Dri foam has been treated with an anti-fungal agent. Eva-Dri foam is also ideal for outdoor use; it features large pores so that water and moisture quickly evaporate from it, leaving a dry seating area.

Outdoor foam should be used with special outdoor upholstery fabric.  There are many varieties of outdoor upholstery fabric available from the top manufacturers, such as Sunbrella, Suntex, Richloom, and Waverly.    Waverly has numerous varieties of outdoor upholstery fabric in its Sun N Shade Collection. These luscious designer fabrics are available in florals, geometric designs, stripes, solids, and other varieties.  They are durable and fade and moisture resistant.  With proper care they can grace your outdoor living areas in style for years.

Waverly Wailea Coast Sun N Shade–de Sol