Christmas in August?

Every year it seems like merchants start putting out the Christmas items earlier and earlier.  It is a trend I don’t care for and I am sure many of you don’t either; however, when you want to make Christmas gifts, planning Christmas in August makes perfect sense.

Planning those sewn or otherwise handcrafted gifts now can help prevent that dreaded malady—procrastination.  Procrastination is such an easy habit to fall into, especially if you are stretched in a dozen different directions like most of us are nowadays.

A totebag or other handmade gift in elegant black and white will please the most sophisticated recipient.

Starting small and simple can help you break the procrastination habit.   Chose a project that is manageable within a reasonable length of time and that is within your skill set. Don’t think you make Aunt Suzy a fancy dress, when you have never even made a simple skirt or blouse.

Garments are difficult to make as gifts, because you generally need the gift recipient’s most recent measurements and that can take away the surprise factor.

Fleece makes warm, cozy gift items and it is easy to sew.

Accessories for the home or personal accessories which don’t need a fitting are great gift ideas.  Aprons and other kitchen items are fun.  Homesewn handbags can be a blast to make and give if you are an intermediate or advanced sewer.

Once you decide what you want to make, order the materials for it now.  Having the materials already bought and organized in your sewing area will encourage you to get to work.

Don’t think that you have to have a large chunk of time to sew.  Concentrate on doing one step at a time, such as sewing a few side seams, or preparing the fabric to be hemmed.

When you keep it simple, planning Christmas gift sewing in August can be fun and timesaving.