Classic Dots

Crisp and clean, polka dot fabrics are always in style.  Classic white on black and black on white prints make delightful dresses, skirts, and tops.  Polka dots are chic for women and cute for kids.  They are available in cotton, cotton knits and fine apparel-quality linen.

Black on White Polka Dots Linen Print

Use a polka dot print to make a dress with classic lines, such as an a-line dress. Nostalgic patterns from the 1950s and 1960s that are so popular today look great in polka dots.  The latest styles also look wonderful in polka dot  prints.  Try mixing and matching two color  schemes, such as black on white for the blouse and white on black for the skirt.


Big Black Geometric Circles Linen Print

Many cool abstract dot prints beyond the traditional polka dot pattern are now available.  Fun bright colors such as aqua and pink make these cheerful fabrics for young and young at heart.  OFS is now carrying many delightful linen prints, including beautiful Geometric dot and circle patterns. While solid color fabrics without a design are generally recommended as the easiest to sew for beginning sewers, dots can be a welcome change of pace.

Some fabric pattern designs such as plaids take extra time and skill to sew because they must be matched.  Because of this they require extra fabric and must be laid out according to the “with the nap”  pattern layout.  Fortunately, you do not have this problem with dot designs.  Unlike some other pattern designs, polka dots do not need to be matched.  This makes them easy for beginners to sew.

If you are a beginning sewer, you can successfully make a beautiful polka dot garment; simply chose a sewing pattern with simple lines and few details.  Chose from sewing patterns especially for beginners or marked as “easy”.