Cloth Diapers

These cloth diapers with elasticized legs and easy Velcro fasteners can be made by intermediate and advanced sewers.

While disposable diapers are convenient, many parents still prefer cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are environmentally friendly and are healthy for a baby’s delicate skin.

Pul and birdseye are popular cloth for cloth diapers. Both fabrics are soft and absorbent.


Candy Pink Pul

It’s easy to make traditional square cloth diapers that are folded and fastened and require only a hem around the edge of the fabric, but much more comfortable and convenient cloth diapers can be made with just a little time and effort. There are many free diaper patterns available. A search will term up dozens such as this one. These slightly fancier cloth diapers usually include Velcro fasteners and elasticized legs.

Birdseye fabric is 100% cotton. It is one the softest and most popular diaper cloths available. High-quality and absorbent, birdseye cloth is perfect for safe, comfortable diapers. It comes 27″ wide making it easy to cut a 27″ square diaper.

Sage Pul

Panty covers for cloth diapers can be made of laminated pul. Pul is laminated on one side and soft and absorbent on the other side. It comes in several colors in addition to the traditional white. Because it resists moisture, it makes excellent bed pads for babies and bedridden patients. Pul is 100% polyester and resists moisture and bacteria.

Softots pre-folded cotton gauze diapers and Softots diapers with sponge inserts are also available from OFS.