Coffee Culture

A few months ago we Jarek built a beautiful sideboard table to serve as the coffee station for our collaboration area. Cause productive people need coffee, do they not?

So that’s where the Keurig lived quite contently on its own for a while. It was eventually joined by a fellow useful appliance, the mini fridge, perfect for providing cold after-work provisions. But then, one of the newest members of the OnlineFabricStore team threw down with the Keurig by bringing in a regular old (however sleek) coffee maker. He placed it right beside Keurig. But there was only one outlet. One socket for mini fridge. One for Keurig. And the line was drawn. Turns out some of us prefer to pour freshly-brewed pots of coffee into our mugs, while others want their caffeine fix one K-cup at a time. So for about an hour that morning, each little machine was unplugged in place of the other, until finally a power strip came along to settle the standoff. Thanks for that Mayer, and thanks Matt for the the new coffee maker!


What’s your coffee culture?