Cool Handmade Gift Ideas

Confession: When I was a little girl, I cried tears of disappointment almost every time I received a gift. Even gifts that were awesome. My parents and siblings still laugh about it today (and I feel incredibly guilty!) And although I’m a little more mature now, slightly less selfish, and not quite the jealous middle child of five children I was then, I’m still not a huge fan of gift giving.


A lot of times it just seems so wasteful. And awkward. I mean, isn’t it a bit strange expressing phony enthusiasm toward a gift you receive, when it actually misses the mark entirely? Yes, “thought that counts” and all that, but most gifts don’t even seem to have all that much thought behind them at all. Especially when they’re selected as a result of not-so-subtle hints from the recipient.

Instead of random things, I love giving (and getting) the gift of special experiences. Maybe it’s a family outing to a live sports event or the theater. Friends enjoying dinner at a great restaurant. A couple’s weekend trip somewhere new. That said, I make exceptions for handmade physical gifts. Because embedded in that type of gift is thought, care and time spent preparing it.

So it was nice when I recently read  Five Handmade Gift Ideas, a post by the delightful Kariann of In it she explains how her family only exchanges thoughtful handmade gifts and she shared few examples of them, including this etched glass.

Photo Credit: Kariann of

Photo Credit: Kariann of

What’s your family’s stance on gift giving? Tell me below! And if you are considering creating your own gifts this year, check out the additional DIY handmade gift resources below–they’re stocked with cool ideas and tutorials that are creative, practical and relatively easy.

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