Costume Making for Amateur Theater Groups – The Classical Period

A rather authentic looking chiton. Notice the use of a modern fabric, which appears to be chiffon.

If your group is going to be performing classical Greek plays, such as Oedipus Rex or plays set in the era of the Roman Empire, you will need to make classical costumes. Classical clothing has simple lines and is easy to make.

In ancient Greece women and men wore chitons; the women’s were a flowing garment cinched in with a belt tied under the bust. White or cream were the preferred colors.

In ancient Rome men wore a basic tunic. The toga was reserved for senators and other important people; togas were worn over the tunic. Women wore chitons, girdled at either the waist or under the bust.

These basic shaped garments are easy to make. Again I refer you to
Stage Costume Step by Step by Mary T. Kidd, which is a truly excellent resource for costume making.