Covering a Button–an illustrated tutorial

In July I had encouraged you to try covering your own buttons. At last I have a tutorial actually showing you how to cover buttons.

First cut an appropriate size circle out of your fabric. Dritz now makes it easier to get the correct size by including a pattern on the back of their package. I was relieved when I saw this feature, since getting the exact size circle without any extra fabric was always a little tricky for me; excess fabric make it difficult to snap the two button parts together, while too small of a circle means that the fabric can pull out.

Fabric circle, button parts, mold and pushing tool.

Now place the fabric circle right side down in the mold, being careful to center it. Place the button top, face down into the mold on top of the fabric, being careful that the fabric is even all around the edge. You may need to use the pusher. Fold the fabric neatly down into the back of the button top.


Pushing fabric into mold.

Next place the button back on the button, making sure that all the fabric is underneath it. Using the pusher, push the two parts together. They should quickly snap together, unless the fabric is rather thick. Some fabrics are too thick to use this way.