Crafting with Innovative Wiremesh

Modern technology has enhanced traditional handcrafting with scores of innovative fabrics and other products.  Wiremesh is a woven metal fabric which has become increasingly popular as a craft media.

Amaco Wiremesh can be used as a base form for plaster, clay, and paper maché projects.  Craft wiremesh is also attractive when used by itself without any covering.

This flexible, easy to use product cuts with scissors like fabric and can be molded into any shape.  Fashion it freeform by hand or mold it over a shape.  The seams can be fastened with hot glue or by crimping them together with pliers.  You can also hand stitch the seams together.

Amaco Woven Wiremesh is available in copper.  Amaco Wireform Mesh is expandable for greater crafting possiblities. It is available in copper or aluminum and in sparkle and diamond varieties.  This great product is rust resistant.

Wiremesh can be used for both large and small projects.  Use it to form items like wire vases or wall décor.   It great for jewelry and can be covered with beads and charms.

Versatile woven wiremesh can also be used in scrapbooks.  Metal mesh pockets and shapes are a great addition to scrapbook covers.

For your convenience, Amaco Wiremesh is available in sheets for small projects and rolls for larger projects.  You will be amazed at all the many uses you’ll find for the great product.