Crazy Quilts are Fun

Crazy quilts can be made with with pieces of any shape and any fabric.

Do you have a bunch of fabric scraps in your stash? I mean a bunch of odd-shaped pieces that cannot be cut into regular shapes for a quilt. Don’t throw them away.

Odd shaped fabric scraps can be used to make beautiful crazy quilts. The basic technique is simple. The scraps are sewn to a background of muslin or cotton sheeting.

This 125″ wide unbleached muslin is the perfect base for a large crazy quilt.

Cut or trim the fabric to the shapes desired. Before sewing, lay them out on the backing material in the pattern you like. Rearrange them to your heart’s content.

Sew each scrap to the backing fabric, overlapping the edges. The raw edges can be finished with a zig-zag stitch. The entire piece is then sewn to the quilt backing with the batting sandwiched between; the quilt is then quilted using the method chosen. The quick method of tying is often used for crazy quilts, because it does not interfere with the design.

A crazy quilt, already pieced together, is quilted by hand.

Crazy quilts can have themes. Victorian crazy quilts often feature some velveteen or lace fabrics and they can be embellished with embroidery; ribbon embroidery looks wonderful on these type of quilts. You can also make a nostalgic sixties-era crazy quilt use the bold prints popular in that decade. Of course, you don’t have to confine yourself to scraps of fabric for crazy quilts; the technique works great with fabric bought especially for that purpose, too.