Decorating has gone to the dogs–and cats, and birds and fish etc.

We love our pets.  And when it comes to decorating our homes we are not shy about showing our love for our four legged friends (as well as our swimming and flying friends) through the use of fabrics, wallpaper and accessories that reflect our favorite animals.

Many fabric manufacturers offer several options when it comes to fabrics that depict dogs, cats, fish and birds.  You can choose whimsical patterns for a child’s room or sophisticated and regal patterns highlighting the important role animals play in our lives. 



Perhaps your favorite pet is something a bit more exotic such as a gecko, parrot or koi fish.  You are in luck as there are fabrics that show these cute (?) little guys as well.

There are many ways to use these fabrics in your home.

  • Accent pillows will add a playful touch to a den, family room or bedroom and express your love for your pet.
  • A cornice board upholstered in one of these fabrics is a subtle way of showing you care.
  • Bedding and window treatments in a child’s room is a fun way to let them enjoy their favorite animal even if it is not a pet.  There are fabrics depicting horses for the equestrian in the family and elephants and monkeys for those who dream of exotic vacations.
  • Cover a lampshade or small footstool for a touch of whimsy.

With all the unique accessories, fabrics and wallcoverings available, there is no excuse for forgetting your favorite pet when it comes time to decorate.