Decorating room by room: 5 tips for a really cool dorm room

If you have a child going away to school then you not only know how important it is to them to decorate their dorm rooms but you also know how teeny tiny those rooms really are.  In order to get the most function out of a dorm room you will want to think about items that have a multi-purpose such as under bed drawers, space saving bins, lots and lots of shelving, hanging bags, wall pegs etc.  All of these items can easily be found in large discount stores such as Walmart and Target as well as The Container Store

dorm logo from the container store

But there is more to decorating a dorm room than just storage!  The kids are more interested in “stuff” like cool bedding, hip artwork and sic colors.  (I have probably dated myself with those adjectives but they are the only ones I know) 

1.  Remember to personalize their space with family photos, memories of high school and even their childhood stuffed animal.  As freshmen they are not too grownup for this stuff yet.

2.  How about a special lap quilt that features their favorite colors that they can toss over their legs on chilly study nights.

3.  A bulletin board is a must for tacking up class schedules, photos etc.  Use colored ribbon for a girl or back it with burlap and add twine and clothespins for a young man.  Here’s a link to a great tutorial for covered bulletin boards.

4.  Those beds are small so make it as comfortable as possible with a memory foam topper and a cozy down comforter.  High thread count sheets will also be appreciated, IF you can find them in the x-long twin size required.

5.  Plush towels and plenty of them will also be appreciated.  Send your girls to school with a shower wrap that will protect their privacy.  Buy them at the store or, better yet, make your own out of pretty and absorbent terry cloth.

Life in a dorm room can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  This is a transitional time for both you and your child.  Make their dorm room as comfortable as possible so they can relax and enjoy college life…and maybe even squeeze in some study time!