Decorating Styles: Is it still Chic to be Shabby?

The design term  “shabby chic” was coined in the 1980’s to describe a style that is casual, relaxed and feminine.  Any piece that is distressed, a hand me down or a flea market find is perfect!

The elements of shabby chic style encompass white or light wood furniture that is usually worn and distressed with chipping paint and rough edges;  colors that are soft and faded with pastel pinks, greens and cream being favorites; accessories are feminine and include small,crystal chandeliers, candles, mismatched picture frames, old oil paintings and lots of squishy pillows.  Fabrics are often tea stained to give them an aged look and roses are a must. Upholstered furniture is slip covered with loose fitting covers made of casual fabrics such as linen, cotton or muslin.

While this decorating style may be a bit too “girly” for most men, it is a perfect choice for a young woman’s apartment or even a little girl’s room.  If you have a man in your life and need to consider his feelings but still want to enjoy this style, consider using it in a home office or dressing room.  If he is really understanding, your man may not mind touches of this style in the bedroom.  This might include throw pillows placed atop a solid color duvet, for example.  Rustic and distressed furniture can work in many rooms in the home and he just might  enjoy the ambience of a chandelier placed over the bathtub.  Hat Boxes