Design Styles: Let Asian Design add an Exotic look to your home

Asian design has been a popular interior decorating style for many, many years.  The recent 2008 olympics in Beijing brought a renewed interest in this soothing and serene style.  While bright red silk, black lacquered furniture  and framed kimonos may be appealing to you, there are more subtle ways of adding a bit of Asian style to your home.

The term “Asian” encompasses many different cultures nowadays.  Of course, Japan and China are considered Asian, but the term now includes Indonesia, Thailand, the Phillipines, Korea, Vietnam and many other far eastern countries.  While each style is different they all have some things in common.

  • Colors are important to Asian design and can range from soft and serene pastels to vibrant red, gold and black.
  • Hand crafted embroidery and decoration can be found in all cultures on items that include kimonos, saris, and table runners.  You can use these pieces to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pillows, seat cushions and table coverings.
  • A nod to nature is important in any Asian design. Natural materials are used to create seagrass floor coverings and window shades.  Bonsai, orchids, koi fish, and flowers are all symbols of good fortune, long life, prosperity etc.   Who knew that the ordinary chrysanthemum represented long life or that a properly cared for bonsai tree can outlive you?
  • The pagoda is a familiar shape associated with Asian design and can add a touch of oriental flair when used as a lampshade or even just a finial added to the top of a lamp.  Buddha is also a familiar figure to many of us.  Many people find comfort and serenity in the presence of these meditating statues.
  • Blue and white ceramics, chinoiserie painted furniture, shoji screens, a collection of jade—all of these items will add a bit of the exotic to your rooms.
  • Fabric manufacturers offer several print choices that include bamboo, fretwork, oriental fish and lotus blossoms that make it possible for you to create elegant draperies, upholstery and accessories.

Keep in mind that the idea of Asian design is to bring balance and serenity to a room.  Simple and uncluttered is the goal if you want to create this look.