DIY Box Spring Cover Tutorial

When you’re about to have house guests, do you all the sudden zero in on all the areas of your home that need a little work? Thought so.

We do too. Our family visits from Sweden every year and each time, in the weeks prior to their arrival we go through and try to check off a few items on our to-do list, whether it’s staining the deck or hanging art. One of my tasks a few years ago, was freshening up our guest room, which included finding a simple, snug-fitting box spring cover for our guest bed. I scoured the Home Goods bedding bins and Target aisles, but the thing did not exist, I tell you. The one mattress cover I did end up buying was all baggy and completely defeated the purpose. I ended up using a flat sheet and tucking under but now I’m armed with a new plan! I’ll just use a bit of fabric and a staple gun, like Courtenay of Creekline House did.  She used Premier Prints Polka Dot Storm Twill Fabric and created this crisp, modern DIY box spring cover. And I am a fan.

Photo Credit: Courtenay of

Photo Credit: Courtenay of

I’m thinking of using one of the following fabrics for our guest room box spring cover:


Premier Prints Canopy Storm Twill Fabric


Premier Prints Houndstooth Storm Twill Fabric

I’ll follow up with some photos when it’s complete!