DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial

You know that feeling after Thanksgiving dinner? After all the desserts? And consumption of the second round of food is complete? Yes, that feeling. Well, I’m pretty sure right about now that’s exactly how the bandwidth of the entire Internet is feeling about the 3.7 million fall wreath photos floating around out there. It probably wants all the pinning and uploading and Instagramming and tweeting of wreaths to stop for a bit. Maybe just wants to unbutton and take a nap.

Problem is, they’re all so pretty. (Well, most of them). And since I’ve never made one and have such extraordinary creative abilities, I just had to jump on the bandwagon and add one to the world.


Ok, so it turned out pretty ragged and all around meh if you ask me. And yeah so my photos are blurry and crooked. But I took these last night as I was about to enter my house after a long day away from my little guys. I had to snap quickly before 100% of my attention was spoken for. Anyway, the cool thing is it’s insanely easy to make these rag wreaths. And if you don’t like the look of it or want a change for the season, you can just clip off the fabric strips and start fresh.



Premier Prints Henna River Rock Twill Fabric (I may go more vibrant next time….)


Foam Wreath ring

Fabric Scissors


  • Cut a few dozen 6 inch or so strips of two types of fabric.
  • Tie alternating fabric strips in a double knot around the wreath.
  • Push each knot close together as you add strips all the way around, covering the wreath completely.
  • Add a bow, ribbon or fabric flowers if you’d like to embellish.
  • It might be a good idea, once the fabric’s around the wreath to trim all the way around to neaten it up a bit.


Now, may the holiday decorating begin.