DIY Jute Webbing Placemats (Tutorial)

While flipping through the July/August issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine I came across an easy DIY placemat tutorial that used patio chair webbing and some double sided tape. Since I have like a zillion yards of black and red jute webbing right here in my office, I decided to try it out.


Here’s how to make one yourself:

1. Select Your webbing.


2. Cut four 18-inch strips of red webbing and five 14-inch strips of black webbing. You may need to adjust amount of webbing strips depending on the width of the ones you use.


3. Lay the strips down horizontially on top of one another with no spaces in between. Piece by piece weave the other strips in and out. Mayer suggested using Stitch Witchery since the double sided tape wouldn’t really hold well with the jute. He was right. So he completely took over kindly laid a few pieces of that between each woven section and ironed on top.


And there you have your placemat. You should be able to create 4 to 6 of these in under an hour. Check out our step-by-step video below and please pin and share if you like!


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