DIY Table Cloth

Midsummer. Ever heard of it? It’s a fun Swedish holiday that I won’t go into details about at the moment. (But if you have three minutes and are curious, watch the video Swedish Midsummer for Dummies.) Anyway, since my husband is from Sweden and it’s a big deal there, every year we host a little midsummer dinner party (if we’re not in Sweden, that is). So naturally, since I rule at sewing and all, the day before the party I decided to make a festive table cloth that would cover the two tables we put together to accommodate everyone. And well. For being my first table cloth, it actually came out kind of nice. Here’s how I did it.


The Materials

Navy blue canvas fabric (or whatever solid color you like)

-Complementing printed fabric (I chose a Portfolio fabric)

-Pinking Sheers (I used Allary ones)

-Sewing machine and thread to match your fabric (although mine was black, ha!)

The How-To

I wanted something a little unique, so step one was selecting two different fabrics. After you’ve selected yours, consider the length and width of your table and cut your pieces accordingly. Just make sure you leave anywhere from 6 to 10 inches all the way around for nice draping overhang. Since the two tables I was using totaled 94 inches long, I ended up using a little over three yards of fabric. I cut so that the solid color pieces were longer and the printed fabric was shorter, acting as a runner of sorts width-wise.

I used pinking sheers to cut, quite honestly because I wasn’t planning on hemming the whole thing all the way around and thought it might look ok that way. But once I got into sewing I decided to go for it (and am glad I did!) But hemming or no hemming, pinking sheers are a great tool to help prevent your fabric from fraying once washed.


I pinned my three pieces together to form one long tablecloth and sewed the straight lines across the width easily. I then folded up and pinned around the edge of the entire table cloth. It was Kate’s idea to tuck the corners and I took it.


As a last touch I split the fabric excess at the two different seams and ironed them flat to create a smooth transition when on the table. Christy graciously helped with some ironing. Yeah, I should’ve gone over it once more with the iron the day of, as you can see from the wrinkles here. I also should’ve charged my awesome Canon Rebel so that I could take better pics of the party set-up. But I assure you this table cloth did the job and was witness to lots of Swedish food, fun and song. Any questions?