DIY Wall Art

Bare walls. Months after renovating, we’ve still got a lot of that around here at OFS. From the concrete floor to the 18-foot ceilings, the walls are all painted a really nice light blue/gray color. But without anything on them, they just seem sort of cold, especially in combination with the industrial style here. But thankfully, OFS creative minds Kate and Clara took it upon themselves to add some character to our space. We just happened to have some awesome fabric scraps of all different textures and styles lying around, from Waverly and Premier Prints to colorful linens and microsuedes. So they put them to good use.



Want to try? It’s simple.

You’ll need:

– Fabric scraps
– Scissors to cut fabric pieces to canvas/frame size
– Staples & staple gun (fabric glue or even stick on Velcro would work too)
– Stretched blank canvas or frames


1. Cut fabric pieces to fit around each canvas/frame

2. Place canvas/frame down onto back of the fabric

3. Wrap fabric around the canvas/frame, neatly folding and tucking at the corners

4. Check that the front of the fabric is tight and smooth

5. Secure fabric into place at the corners and along the sides with staples or glue