Do you know how to Bustle?–Wedding Gown Tips

Figuring out the train and bustle!

No, it’s not a new dance, but it will let you dance. Bustling a gown means designing it so that the train can be fastened up out the way of your feet after the ceremony is finished and the reception is under way. Some gown patterns come with removable trains, but many have trains that are part of the garment and cannot be removed. The time-honored solution is to add fasteners so that the train can be buttoned up and won’t sweep the floor.

Wedding dresses can be bustled underneath the skirts or on top. If your pattern does not tell you how to do this, you can easily do it yourself, with a little patience. If your gown has back buttons, you can use these as attachment points to hold up the train.

First pick some points on the middle of the train or skirt. Next, place some inconspicuous thread eyes at these points; these will be used to button the skirt on the top back buttons. Bustling a skirt from underneath is a bit more involved, but this method works better on some styles.

Bustling from underneath is done using ribbons. First, attach ribbons at the proper places of the skirt’s mid-section. Then place another set of ribbons above these ribbons at an appropriate distance; sometimes the waistline is the best place for the top set of bustling ribbons. The ribbons are then tied together when you are ready to lift the skirt/train out of your way. To avoid confusion, choose different colors for each set of bustling ribbons.