Dressing Santa–How to Sew a Santa Claus Costume

Dressing Santa really isn’t mysterious. If you have average sewing skills you can make Santa a great outfit. Santa’s clothes have a generous cut (all those Christmas Eve cookies) so no real fitting is necessary. McCalls and the other major American pattern companies have a nice selection of Santa fashion patterns.

The key to making any great-looking costume is starting early so you won’t be rushed. I’ve always found that haste really does make waste when it comes to sewing; plan ahead and enjoy the project.

If your Santa plans to stand out in the winter weather, he might appreciate a fleece outfit. But fleece is too warm for most of Santa’s indoor work. Choose an easy to work with fabric such as a heavy broadcloth , so Santa will be comfortable.

The white trim on Santa’s coat, hat, and pants can be made with white fleece or fake fur. It can also be made with felt, but personally I think splurging a bit on the trim will make the costume more authentic looking. The outfit will likely be used year after year. Doesn’t Santa deserve to look dashing?