Eclectic Interiors

Decorating the modern home is so much fun.  There is an increasingly wide variety of home décor fabrics and accessories to chose from.

While matching interiors were a great trend for many years, today’s designers and homemakers have thrown that trend to the wind and opened up the doors to design freedom.

Eclectic interiors are the new trend in design.  Mix innovative contemporary furniture with Victorian and Queen Anne pieces for your own unique look.  Throw in attractive art and memorabilia that you love and make each room your own, with your personal style.

There are no rules for this type of décor.  It is what you like and what will make you, your family, and your guests comfortable.

Animal prints liven up an eclectic decor.


Start a collection of comfortable pillows in an eclectic variety of prints, colors, and textures.  Pillows are easy to make, especially if you use ready made pillow forms.

Pillow forms are available in foam and down varieties and in square, half-circle, and bolster shapes.

Swavelle/Mill Creek decor fabric


Reupholster older, but serviceable pieces in fabulous new fabrics.  Mix and match your styles; a formal wing chair or other formal piece does not have to be done in a formal fabric.  Choose something fun and playful or cheerful and sassy instead of serene and dignified.

With a little effort, you can master increasingly difficult upholstery skills.  Upholstery kits from Osborne, which include an instruction manual, are a great way to learn basic upholstery techniques.

Choose a small piece with simple lines for your first upholstery project; a footstool or ottoman is a good choice.