The Story Behind “Wicked Good Fabric”

As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, we’ve been using the phrase “Wicked Good Fabric” over the last few months. First with our Haven Conference Boxes, and most recently on the tote bags that will be free to everyone who orders from OFS on Cyber  Monday.

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But I know that some people, both here on our team at OnlineFabricStore and out there across the country may not exactly love our use of such a regional slang word. So I just wanted to provide a little context on how the phrase came about in the first place.

On April 15, 2013, innocent people lost their lives and their limbs when bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. Yes, OnlineFabricStore is based in Western Massachusetts but many of us have close connections to Boston and have lived portions of our lives there. So the tragic reality of what had happened certainly lingered here. And it was around this time that we began planning to attend as a vendor at our first blogger conference. We were thinking about what we wanted to provide for swag (an item from us to be included in the conference attendee gift bag). This is what we decided on.

The box we put our "Swag" in

The box we put our “Swag” in. Photo Credit:

Each attendee got two yards of fabric. Photo Credit:

Each attendee got two yards of fabric. Photo Credit:

We knew we wanted to do two things with our messaging; connect with the attendees who would be arriving from all corners of the country and represent who we were as a brand to those who may have never heard of us before. To show that we’re not some huge store just floating out there on the Internet. But that we’re a team of people — caring customer service, hardworking warehouse, and a web team that’s driven to find the best fabric and get it to you in a modern, easy way. That we work under one roof and that we have roots. We ultimately decided on a phrase that would poke fun at our New England selves a bit, show where we’re from, and give a little nod to our grieving Boston.

That said, our choice to use it wasn’t and still isn’t all about us. It was initially to drive conversation and get people to open up about who they are and where they’re from.


We asked Haven attendees to share a little about where they came from and pin to our map.

And  we’re using it now to do the same with you. We love when you share your stories with us. So we genuinely want to know — what are some of the things that represent your state or city? Is it a slang word or a certain food? Just a way of life? Please leave a comment and let us know! And if you’d rather not, that’s fine too. But I’m here. I’m interested, if you ever do want to connect.